Custom Made

We understand that each customer has his own needs and that there is no universal standard functional machine.

Our Technical Department is available to tailor our products to what is required and thus propose a practical and personalized.

All models can be customized with optional or special applications. On request we can also make ad hoc changes to fit into existing installations.

Tests Area

Molinari has a covered area of ​​4000 square meters where there are two grinding plants for tests. Customers can come to grind their products to evaluate the final size, the cutting quality and the productivity.

All grinders are equipped with inverters in order to change the speed of rotation of the rotor and, based on the treated material, to establish the correct fitting of the machine.

The plants have got conveyor belts and pneumatic transport to perform realistic test and thus be able to assess the efficiency of the grinding.

Request information

Do you need to grind a material which our website does not mention and you want to know if we have a solution for you?

Email us at telling us:

  • Type of material
  • Production capacity (t / h)
  • Size input
  • Output Size

We'll answer you as soon as possible.