Mulino Granulatore

Granulator/liberator Helyos

Granulator with vertical axis

Helyos is the perfect machine for granules and alternative fuel iron free. It is a granulator having a vertical axis with opposing cutting planes.

This technology makes it possible to easily separate the iron contained in tyres. The principle of operation is unique in the field of ELT recovery, in fact it enables the shreds to be quickly expelled from the grinding chamber, avoiding overheating. Harmonic steel liberated from rubber can be removed by a magnetic separator. Helyos allows to adjust the grain size of the output, according to the needs of the customer.

The possibility of easy adjustment of the rotors allows to obtain 40 x 40 mm chips suitable for use as an alternative fuel, or a 15 mm granules for rubber recovery as a secondary raw material. In both cases, the steel that is released from the rubber can be economically enhanced.

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Complete shredding facilities

After the separation of wire tyres, the rubber and the textile pass to the refining, a stage where Molinari mills are very well known for their reliability and production.

The size of the granules is reduced below 4mm. By working with experienced partner, we can offer complete systems to the separation of the textile or, if used as AF, to the blower.

Technical features

  • Thick electro-welded structure in steel worked with CNC tools-machines
  • Hopper with rollers for forced feeding
  • Vertical axis flywheel with special cutting angle blades
  • Vertical axis stator with blades regolating system
  • Spindle supported by two preloaded and lubricated cross-roller bearings
  • Automatic timed lubrication system
  • Interchageable and sharpenable blades
  • Soft-start start-up
  • Touch-screen control panel with operation data reading
  • Unloading on vibrant table
  • Magnetic overbelt