Mulino Granulatore

Primary shredder TP series

Innovation in the shredding industry

The new series of shredders TP complete the range of the machine Molinari for the market of the recycling. The shredder "TP" is characterized by a robust thick steel frame that ensures structural rigidity and reliability in time. The grinding chamber is composed of two parallel rotors with direction of rotation independent of one another. The grinding of the material is obtained thanks to the action of the rotary blades on the fixed blades that are positioned on a central traverse interposed between the two rotors. Thanks to their independence, it's possible to move the rotors at different speeds and reversing the direction of rotation to avoid clogging. Another important feature of the Shredder TP is the possibility to regulate the position of the central traverse controlling the distance between the rotating blades and fixed blades in a short time.

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Treated Material

For tyres, plastic, electric cables, refrigerators...

volume reduction of various material type from discarded tires to electric cables, from WEE to wooden pallets. It can be used as Bale opener for bales of paper, plastic and rubber.

  • Tyres
  • Bumper
  • Banger of cars reclaimed
  • Refrigerators and washing machines
  • Pallets
  • Bales of paper
  • Bulky objects in general






Technical Features

  • Robust thick steel frame
  • High structural rigidity
  • Low speed of shredding
  • Ability to perform inversions with independent shafts
  • Double rotor to avoid the possibility of clogging
  • Blades in alloy steel interchangeable and sharpenable
  • Rotors with screen holder made of hardened material and cemented
  • Adjustable center blades
  • Central traverse hydraulically lowered for maintenance
  • Number of rotation of rotors individually adjustable

Example of a shredding facility